Whether your visitors want to play as a team to reach the highest score or compete against their friends or family, we offer a variety of games to suit everyone’s desires. Our games can be played by one to six people.
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There are currently 12 games available which fall within the following categories:

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Icon action series
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icon family serie
icon seasonal serie
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Each game has at least one of these modes:

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Games adapted for the key moments of the year

We also offer seasonal games for Christmas, Spring break and of course Halloween! This will allow you to promote around those holidays for your customers!

Winter Mayhem
Disco Flamingo

One game, two versions : for all ages

Because you can change the game on the fly, to adapt to the audience (kids vs. adults) this game is presented in both E and M versions to accommodate families and older players alike. Zombies! Kids for the day and Zombies! at night.

Game cover : Zombies! KidsZombies! Kids

1 – 6 players


A zombie game destined for the whole family!  Rules are simple and characters are toned down so not to scare younger audiences. Throw balls or axes at the zombies before they reach your BBQ and take all your food!

Game cover : Zombies!Zombies!

1 – 6 players


Zombies have begun to invade your town. Get rid of them before you get infected! Throw balls or axes at the advancing “undead” before they inflict damage on you. Different Zombies have different characteristics bringing strategy and challenge! Can you survive?

Zombies Kids gameplay picture Zombies gameplay image

And many more games

Game cover : Axe throwAxe throw

1 – 5 players


Ever dreamed of becoming a lumberjack? Or maybe you just need to let off some steam! If that’s the case, grab your axes because it’s time to flex your muscles and aim just right to show everyone who’s the ultimate axe throwing machine!

Axe throw gameplay picture

Cover game : balloon popBalloon Pop

1 – 2 players


Our reinvention of the classic balloon-pop game adapted to the Playbox. Balloons of different rarity and value are randomly distributed at the beginning of the game. With a limited number of throws. Try to pop the balloons and score as many points as possible.

Balloon Pop gameplay picture

Game cover : Disco FlamingoDisco Flamingo

1 – 6 players


Flamingos will appear and retreat from cover while Beach Balls fall from the sky. Hit as many targets as you can so that your group of players will earn the most points and reach the highest score in our DISCO ranking. Ready to dance, play and aim?

Disco Flamingo gameplay picture

Game cover : Duck Panic!Duck Panic!

2 – 4 players


Combining the classic Duck hunt game mechanics with the well known shooting gallery action, you’re on the hunt to get as many ducks as possible and win the game! Throw projectiles at your duck and don’t get the wrong colour, otherwise you will make your opponent win points.

Ready for Duck Hunting?

Picture Duck Panic! gameplay picture

Game cover : Hole-y Mole-yHole-y Mole-y

2 – 4 players


A cute and goofy twist on a all time classic . Hit the mole that matches your player’s color to get more points than your opponents. Keep an eye out for those crazy jetpack moles!

Hole-y-mole gameplay picture

Game cover : Neon VoyagerNeon voyager

1 – 6 players


A classic within the classics! Introduce your family or friends to this famous retro game! Eliminate all the targets in the wave will generate a new wave that will move faster to finally face the final boss.

Do you have what it takes to keep your home base alive?

Neon voyager gameplay picture

Game cover : Pair'em'upPair’em’up

1 – 2 players


Combine your skill to aim with your memory. Try to remember as many similar cards as you can and then throw the projectile at them to match as many pairs as possible.

Can you prove yourself?

Pair'em'up gameplay picture

Game cover : Slapshot Shoot-OutSlapshot Shoot-Out

1 – 6 players


Treat your Hockey fans to a face to face with the Star goalie!  Get them to beat the goalie in this game where aim and speed are the key to winning big!

Can you aim well enough?

Slapshot shoot-out gameplay picture

Game cover : Wacky raceWacky Race

2 – 4 players


Our version of an old classic! Speed and skill are the key to winning the race. Throw projectiles at your target to move your horse forward and cross the finish line in first place. Aim well! If you touch an opponent’s target, you’ll give them the lead!!

Wacky race gameplay picture

Game cover : Winter MayhemWinter Mayhem

1 – 6 players


A perfect game for the holidays where the goal is to hit gingerbread characters that appear and disappear from holiday items that drop from the sky. Unleash a flurry of balls to earn as many points as possible!

Winter Mayhem gameplay picture
Upcoming games
We are working to offer you 3 to 5 new games per year in order to offer new content to your visitors.