The Playbox is an all-included turnkey immersive video game packaged which is linked to a fast-growing online catalogue of exclusive and high-quality titles played on a giant LED screen.

drop plug play

We’ve designed and built the Playbox with ease of deployment and operation in mind for increased revenues. Once the box is dropped and connected, it’s time to play!

Like we say : “A video is worth a thousand words

Whether you are an amusement park, FEC, zoo, aquarium, water park or part of any other industry that wants to offer a new entertaining product, the Playbox will be able to offer a new immersive experience to your visitors.

Three formats for the Playbox unit :

Designed to suit the needs of our customers, the Playbox is available in these three models:

formats of the Playbox
  • Outdoor: The original and largest Playbox available. Make a lasting impression on your visitors.  Perfect for amusement parks and outdoor spaces. This Outdoor unit is in a 20 ft container with large LED screen and weather proof.
  • Pop-Up:  Smaller version of the original Playbox, this one can be easily moved from one place to another. Very useful when the operator wishes to move from inside to outside (or vice versa) or for companies in the event industry.
  • Indoor:  Focuses on the entertainment components of the Playbox installed permanently in the space of the operators. Designed for family entertainment centers (FECs) and indoors centers with a 13 ft LED screen.

Dashboard and management tool : the Playbox Online Platform

Cover client portal

The Cloud based game store and dashboard is the centerpiece of the system. This is the heart of the interaction between the game content and the PLAYBOX Unit.

It provides our clients with the key data, unit analysis, game performance but is also home to the game catalog and game licence manager. You can find all this information in the customer portal which is part of the POP. It is also in constant communication with the client system and our tech support to ensure proper operations and prevent downtimes.

If you would like to learn more about the POP (or Playbox Online Platform) please read our two articles: “More control than ever before with the Client portal of PLAYBOX” and “An additional tool for a better customer experience with the Playbox : the tablet

Game catalog

The Playbox unit comes with pre-installed system software providing the Playbox with a direct link to the Playbox Online Platform where operators can select and acquire game licenses.

Different game modes are available depending on the game:

game modes

Below you can find some of our games present in our catalogue :

Below you can find some of our games present in our catalogue :

If you want to see our complete game catalog, you can check on our game page.

Bring competition to a new level with the leaderboard:

Going with the Playbox, operators have space available for the leaderboard highlighting the top ten highest scoring teams according to the selected game. The competitive aspect is a significant advantage for operators because their visitors will always want to reach the first position and have the new high score.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to make competitions or tournaments between the different centers to have a big winner at the end or set up a weekly, monthly or period-specific leaderboard (in addition to the daily leaderboard) for entertainment centers that wish to do so, taking the competition to a new level.

Options and personalization:

There are multiple options that our clients can add to their Playbox to protect their investment, create an additional “WOW” factor or to enhance their visitor’s experience.

We also offer a service custom and branded games like :

  • Reskin character (i.e. boss replacement)
  • Theme change, music and sounds
  • Item inclusion (sponsored products)
  • Custom made games from scratch
  • Branded and special projectiles
  • Add your company logo in the splash screen

Custom options and custom service cause extra time and costs. If you would like to know more about this option, please do not hesitate to contact

If you would like more information about the Playbox, please do not hesitate to contact us at or give us a call at  +1.514.845.6555 EXT 707

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