The POP (abbreviation for the Playbox Online Platform) is an ecosystem that brings together different components such as the client portal (which will be useful in your case), the administrator portal (allowing us to add content to the game catalog), the tablet (allowing you to launch your games on your Playbox), the cloud and the service behind it allowing us to link all the components together.

This article will talk about the tablet app, if you want to know more about the features of the client portal you can go to the article “What exactly is the POP (Part 1 – Client portal)”. 


Your homepage allows you to find all the games added and downloaded in the customer portal. This page allows you to see the current game, the time remaining before the end, the next two upcoming games that you may have prepared in advance and also the option to pause or stop the game completely. In addition, this page has a search bar and a filter system that allow you to find games faster. You also have access to the FAQ if you have any questions. Finally, you have the possibility to change the general volume from this page (for advanced options, you will have to go to the game page).

home page tablet
Homepage of the tablet

The lock icon allows the POP administrator to log in with their password to select whether they wish to collect data about the players such as their name, email or agreement to share player photos or videos.

Game page

When you click on a particular game, you will get more information and features on the game page.

On the game page you will find the title of the game, the category or categories to which it belongs and the rules of the game.

If the game is available in different modes (co-op, competitive or solo), the operator will select the desired mode. In competitive mode, only the number of players will be entered. In co-op mode: the number of players and the name of the team and in solo just the name of the player. After that you will be ready to launch the game on your Playbox.
game page on the tablet
Specific game page

Advanced functionalities

By clicking on the lock icon on a specific game page, you will have access to the more advanced functionalities reserved for the administrator chosen for POP management.

Admin control on the tablet (specific game page)

You will be able to adjust the master volume, music volume and SFX volume individually. In addition, you will be able to modify the number of throws planned for a specific game (as far as possible depending on the game). 


You will also have access at all times to our FAQ on the tablet if you have any questions and also a way to contact us if needed.

FAQ page

The tablet is part of the POP ecosystem allowing you to link your customer portal (where you buy or manage your games), your tablet (to launch your games) and your Playbox.

If you would like more information on the POP please see article “More control than ever before with the Client portal of PLAYBOX” or contact us at

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