The idea of the brand PLAYBOX was created in 2019 by the PLAYMIND studio in Montreal.


PLAYMIND is a design and production studio for interactive and immersive media of all kinds. Video games, interactive installations, video mapping, virtual and augmented reality. We have been producing digital content on multiple platforms for over 18 years. Our production team of more than 25 employees encompasses all aspects of digital media production from design to deployment.

PLAYMIND team members

Our company’s mission is to transform today’s location-based entertainment offering by providing a range of next-generation experiences that are easy to deploy, operate and maintain. Our priority is the development and deployment of innovative entertainment technology solutions. The brand’s positioning is to be a pioneer in the immersive experience in B2B2C (business to business to consumer). Our vision is to create a new world of games and connections!

Our innovative products are the bridge between the virtual and physical aspects of entertainment so that crowds and users can interact with each other in a new way. Our competitive advantage is based on our in-depth knowledge of peripherals and immersive interfaces such as Kinect, the laser scanners, giant interactive arcades, virtual reality and augmented reality that we are using to create the future of immersive entertainment and the next generation of interactive arcades.


What do we do ?

We currently have three main lines of business which are as follows:

Design, production and operation/diffusion of digital content for corporate and cultural clients.

PLAYMIND also offers brand activation services. In this case, the customer is a brand or company that wants to promote its product through immersive experiences in order to provide an optimal experience for their customers.

Brand activation by PLAYMIND

Different brand activations by PLAYMIND

Often these companies wish to have their logo and product in the games or content offered. We have collaborated with various brands and companies such as Tim Hortons, Videotron, Hydro Quebec, Sapporo and Fizz. In addition to our customers who may represent brands, we can add events that can use PLAYMIND when they wish to offer a new experience to their customers. The content varies according to the customer and their needs, it can be the creation of video games, virtual reality games or all digital works.


Creation of video games (addressed to B2C, i.e. business to consumer)

Two years ago, PLAYMIND produced its first game title The Inner Friend, now available internationally in 8 languages on the Steam online platform and Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation game consoles since the end of April 2020.

The Inner Friend Cover
The Inner Friend

In addition, The Inner Friend game has won various awards at differents events:

Awards for The Inner Friend
Prizes won for the game The Inner Friend

Intellectual Property Development and Interactive Entertainment Products

Finally, PLAYMIND works on the intellectual property development and interactive entertainment products, in particular by offering two different products: 

Photobooth :

The Photobooth is an immersive experience designed to create a fun, action-packed moment.

Photobooth for Bandai Namco
Photobooth made by PLAYMIND for the release of Bandai’s game “The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan“.

Players may enter the photobooth alone or with a group of people. Inside, players can watch a themed, slightly scary or scary movie depending on the age of the audience. The experience is filled with surprising moments inside the booth where, at a certain point, an event occurs to scare people. A photo is then taken and printed to never forget the visit.

The Playbox

The Playbox is an innovative concept of immersive video games in the form of a transport container or trailer that is easy to install and move, designed for amusement parks, events, festivals and new entertainment centres.

Playbox in 3D

The Playbox

This offer comes with a suite of benefits and functionalities allowing the operator to adapt the content according to the clientele and the season of the year. Such an innovation allows amusement parks to renew their sometimes outdated brand image. A giant LED screen technology gives our customers a head start on their competitors.

For more information about the Playbox, don’t hesitate to read the article “What is the Playbox ?” or contact us at or give us a call at  +1.514.845.6555 EXT 707 .